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Speedway injuries report

# Name Date/update Status Notes Link
Allen Oliver 2015/04/01 out for season Dislocated right ankle
Watt Davey 2015/03/15 out indefinitely Broken foot and ligament damage
Staszewski Mariusz 2015/03/28 out indefinitely Two broken vertebrae and four thoracic vertebrae
Simon Stead 2015/05/05 out indefinitely Broken upper arm and femur
Mariusz Puszakowski 2015/05/23 out for season displaced fracture of the lower leg
Anders Mellgren 2015/05/26 out indefinitely fractured rib and and punctured lung
Rory Schlein 2015/05/27 out for season Spine surgery Rory Schlein Twitter
Dawid Stachyra 2015/05/15 out indefinitely shoulder fracture
Nicolai Klindt 2015/06/04 out 4-6 weeks broken left shoulder Twitter
Jarosław Hampel 2015/06/07 out indefinitely Broken leg (broken femur) Jarosław Hampel, Bielousow crash in Gniezno
Mateusz Borowicz 2015/06/11 out 4-6 weeks broken cervical vertebrae
Kim Nilsson 2015/07/01 waiting for x-rays left shoulder Crash
Paweł Przedpełski 2015/07/01 out indefinitely suspected broken colarbone
Aleksandr Loktaev 2015/08/05 out indefinitely suspension for weed Crash in Lonigo
Ben Barker 2015/07/15 out for the season fractured four vertebrae Crash in Lonigo
Lewis Kerr 2015/08/12 out indefinitely Twitter
Darcy Ward 2015/08/24 out suspected broken broken spinal cord Darcy Ward Crash
Pontus Aspegren 2015/08/24 out 2-4 weeks broken colarbone Wanda Kraków - Orzeł Łódź
Maks Grigoric 2015/08/31 out indefinitely in artificial coma Facebook

Speedway Injuries